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Sticker of the Month Club!

Sticker of the Month Club!


Want a little love in your mailbox every month? Join the Girl In Water Photography Sticker of the Month Club!


Every month you will receive a limited print vinyl sticker (also may include a bonus blank greeting card on certain months of the year, like during the holidays), fresh from the coast.


Both tiers will receive the same item(s) every month, if you are able pay a little more per month ($12 monthly) that helps balance out others who want to be a part of the club, but might not be able to swing the full price every month (they'll get half off at $6 per month).

All proceeds go directly to me, the artist-from food for B and Rune, to helping keep my electric and water on, thank you SO much for supporting my art!!!


Themes will include things like marine life, mushrooms, florals, landscapes, meme format stickers, and more!


Your subscription will be reoccuring monthly. Monthly items ship out on the 10th of every month.

Price Options
Sticker of the Month
If you can pay a little more, it helps others to pay less
$12.00every month until canceled
Sticker of the Month
Discount/sliding scale tier
$6.00every month until canceled
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